Friday, 28 October 2011

Why do we feel like we belong in these houses?

Its a beautifully cold clear night tonight. I can feel the coolness against my skin and entering my lungs. It feels good, and I watch my breath as I walk. Its quiet, it feels like the world is still, or that everyone is huddling into their houses. I feel like I am the only person in the world, that I will keep on walking and buildings and cars will jump out of my way.

There are only a few stars as it has only just got dark, and they are starting to peep out from behind the light.
I want to keep walking all night, and the night to never end. Just following the glare from the streetlights shooting up into the night sky. Maybe I could walk all the way home.
And then all too soon, I'm in the bright, hot kitchen. And the beat from the radio is banging hard against my head.
I want to be alone, and floating through the silent night sky.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

And our lives blow about like flags in the wind

On Wednesday I went to see Brooke Fraser with my sister and my cousin in London. Its the third time I have seen her, and it was definitely the best time. We had front row seats so an amazing view of her. It felt so amazing to be so close to her.

I have always enjoyed listening to Brooke's music and can play a couple of her songs on piano and ukulele. But for some reason this time I just realised how amazing she really is. She says that she uses music to express things she can't with words. Things that worry her or make her happy.

She introduced flags by talking about how it means different things for different people. That its about how we struggle through life as human beings. And as she explained it I thought 'everyone struggles, its not just me'.

And as she played the song the whole room was filled with emotion and when I looked at my sister she was crying.

It made me think about what music does for me. How it lifts me up even when I'm not sad. The best sort of songs are the ones which really mean something to you, that really hit home.

'You who weep now will laugh again, All you lonely be lonely no more'

This is the only video I can find on youtube from that night, she is playing Albertine. A beautiful song about a young girl she met in Rwanda who survived the genocide. She promised she would spread the word. And she has.