Thursday, 30 August 2012

Leading Lady of My Life

So, my job search is now well underway. I am in the rhythm of the daily routine for the unemployed. I watch some morning TV, search through websites listing jobs that in no way match my search criteria. I depressingly discard more jobs than I apply to, while trying to make out to anyone that asks that I am constantly applying to loads. Then I play computer games, and watch evening TV to fill the hours before I can realistically go to bed. Then when I wake up the next day the whole thing begins again. And somehow, it has been over a month since I graduated with hopes and excitement for the next phase.

Ok, so in the grand scheme of things a month is nothing. Its early days and I'm doing the right things and something will get sorted soon enough.

But it doesn't make it any easier that the only reasons I go out of the house is to drive other family members to the train station, or to help Mum with the food shopping. Its not normal to be getting excited about finding a bigger Aldi!

Tonight I refused my only social invitation of the week - to join my Mum at her knitting club. So, I was sat here thinking about how my life has changed so quickly from the fun of uni and the constant social opportunities, to just watching my facebook news feed.

I reminded myself that, while at the moment it feels like my life is in other people's hands; whether or not someone bothers to take my job application seriously.

Ultimately, its up to me to take every opportunity I can, both professionally and socially.

So maybe I should join the knitting club and the women's institute?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Time for a new begining!!

I can't believe it has been so long since my last blog post! I have been quite busy recently, so I'll tell you about my latest news!
So, first things first, as the recent theme of this blog was me struggling through my degree work while getting through illness at the same time. Well... I DID IT!!! Scroll back down through these posts and find that little guy finding his way up the stairs. I'm at the top! :)
I got my 2.1 degree in BSc (Hons) Human nutrition! I am so proud! So happy that after everything I struggled through I still graduated and with a good grade.  Here is a picture of me and my best friends who got me through everything on our special day. (I am far right). It was such a lovely day celebrating our success together with our families.
Graduation Ceremony at Bath Spa University

Sadly all this means I had to wave goodbye to Bath, the place I was proud to call my home for the last three years. I spent the next couple of days packing up my room and cleaning the house. On my last evening there I wondered up to Victoria Park and watched them blow up the hot air balloons in the evening sunshine. It is something I have enjoyed doing over the last few years so it was the perfect ending of my time there. After all the balloons had gone up in the air I couldn't quite bring myself to leave. I stood watching those balloons float off into the distance while I was thinking about my time in Bath, its like I was watching those three years float away and I was saying goodbye.
Balloons in Bath
So now I am back living with my parents and finding my place within the family again. Its hard not having my Independence like I did but I don't have much choice financially. So now I am on the hunt for a graduate job! At the moment its quite hard to stay motivated, but I'm sure I will get something eventually! I just have to try and stay positive and look at it like a new beginning :)