Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy now I'm on happy ground

This is me:

We were on the ferry going to France. I was excited about going on holiday, I was 17, happy and care free. Me and my sister decided to wear big dresses that would blow in the wind, and spent the majority of the journey laughing while we tried to not show off our knickers to the rest of the people on board.
Can you tell from that picture that only six months before I was at my darkest time? I was 5 1/2 stone, I couldn't eat, in constant pain and fighting for a diagnosis.
Here, I am in my first remission. If I remember correctly, it lasted about 10 months. I can't even describe how it felt. To come out of such a darkness. It was during this time I met my first boyfriend and he fell in love with me.
This is what I fight for. Even when things are bad I will remember this feeling, its ok to be down because it will be so much better when I come up.
This is the gift I get out of this curse. And I captured it in this picture to never forget.

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