Friday, 23 March 2012

Sunny Days

Bath looks so beautiful in the sun. I love that I can look out my window and see such a beautiful city. I love it so much and will really miss it when I leave.
Today is a good day, the nurse has told me my abscess wound is looking good, I don't need to go back and see her about it unless I am worried. This is good as I have been seen at least twice a week since my operation.
I know my journey is far from over and in a couple of weeks I will be in hospital again. But you have to hold on to each tiny little bit of good to keep you going.
You have to keep holding on, because when you do feel that happiness you remember why you have to keep going :)
I hope everyone has a happy day, if not keep waiting and it will come!
Here is a picture of sunny Bath :)

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