Thursday, 30 August 2012

Leading Lady of My Life

So, my job search is now well underway. I am in the rhythm of the daily routine for the unemployed. I watch some morning TV, search through websites listing jobs that in no way match my search criteria. I depressingly discard more jobs than I apply to, while trying to make out to anyone that asks that I am constantly applying to loads. Then I play computer games, and watch evening TV to fill the hours before I can realistically go to bed. Then when I wake up the next day the whole thing begins again. And somehow, it has been over a month since I graduated with hopes and excitement for the next phase.

Ok, so in the grand scheme of things a month is nothing. Its early days and I'm doing the right things and something will get sorted soon enough.

But it doesn't make it any easier that the only reasons I go out of the house is to drive other family members to the train station, or to help Mum with the food shopping. Its not normal to be getting excited about finding a bigger Aldi!

Tonight I refused my only social invitation of the week - to join my Mum at her knitting club. So, I was sat here thinking about how my life has changed so quickly from the fun of uni and the constant social opportunities, to just watching my facebook news feed.

I reminded myself that, while at the moment it feels like my life is in other people's hands; whether or not someone bothers to take my job application seriously.

Ultimately, its up to me to take every opportunity I can, both professionally and socially.

So maybe I should join the knitting club and the women's institute?


  1. Hello. I'm a new follower and I'm a twenty something year old girl with a severe case of crohns disease, too

  2. Hi Kelly, I'm so sorry I haven't seen your comment earlier. I need to update my blog email address. Thank you for following. I don't blog very often, I go through phases and only blog when I really feel like I have something I want to say to the world. I hope you enjoy my blog. Hope you are well x x