Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I will follow her on her path

I wrote this on 4/12/12 but am only just putting it on here.

I feel like I am loosing the life I used to have. But I guess that is normal in a life stage like I am now. I started off hopeful when I graduated. I felt myself turning a corner, and although I didn't know what to expect, I was hoping to find a buzzing town, full of opportunities for me to take advantage of.

But instead I found fields, miles and miles of empty fields.
No - Its more like mountains. Huge mountains sticking up into the sky with sharp rocky cliff edges that I somehow have to climb, with deep dark caves.
And I'm trying! I'm climbing up them but I don't feel like I am getting any closer.
I can see that town beneath me, but I have to get past these mountains and I don't know how.

Is living with a chronic illness just going to be a life of mountains?


  1. Hi Holly,

    I came across your blog and just wanted to post a comment.
    We are pretty similar in some ways, young adults, diagnosed with this disease, both recent graduates! I guess what im trying to say is that we are both in a very similar situation, I was diagnosed just over a year ago and I have battled this disease eveyday since, its been so hard and difficult. Reading one of your posts on the Crohns Disease forum, i understand that you will soon be starting infliximab? I was recently put on this medication, just under 2 months ago.

    Anyway..I hope to speak and hear from you soon and maybe we can share our experiences! (And by the way, your right, Bath really is a beautiful city in summer!!)

    Take care and wishing you best of health.


  2. Hi Holly;
    I hope you are well but your last post was many months ago. I was doing some research on Crohn's again as it has been a while since I did much reading. My background is nursing and when I was just beginning my studies (more than 30 years ago) I cared for a few patients with Crohn's. I confess I thought I hope this is a disease that I do not get. Having said that some 30 years later I was diagnosed with Crohn's. My first treatment was surgery followed by pentasa so I have been very lucky. I am likely facing more interventions as I appear to be more symptomatic again.
    I want to say to you however that like the patients I cared for 30 + years ago you have an underling strength and resilience that I saw in the patients I cared for. The challenges we have in life give us our strength. As you said in a post what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I truly wish you well and thank you for sharing your journey as I am sure it has not been an easy one.
    On another note I was fortunate enough to travel to Bath earlier this year as part of a trip to Italy and UK with my wife. It is a beautiful spot filled with history. I am Canadian and now living in Australia so seeing the history was amazing as an old building in Canada is 200 years old. I hope to see an update from you soon and that you are doing well. Fight to keep the smile on your face and enjoy all you can.
    Jav I hope you too are doing well.
    Cheers from Australia