Thursday, 24 January 2013

More Hospital Visits

I thought I should do a post on here to update where I am.
I started working as a Christmas Temp at Ernest Jones the jewelers, at the end of November.
Just my luck that when I get a job I get ill!
I had started to get symptoms back and after about a week when I was getting worse instead of better, I knew that I would need steroids to get me back on track. Then I started passing a lot of blood, I had work the next day and I knew I just couldn't go. Before this I had been pushing myself through my shifts.
So in the end I decided to go to A&E. Mainly because I knew I needed steroids and that my GP wouldn't be able to give them to me. I wasn't sure what would happen if I went to A&E but thought it might be my best bet at getting some steroids! In the end they kept me in hospital and put me onto IV steroids. I started getting a little bit better every day but I was still in a lot of pain. I stayed in for five nights in the end. Once they try you on the oral steroids they have to monitor you for 24 hours to make sure you don't get worse. So I came out of hospital the day before xmas eve!
I still wasn't 100% but I was a lot better, I said to the doctor, I know my body, I will keep getting better with these steroids over the next few days.
So I continued to get better over the xmas period, I just took it easy.

Then on 3rd January I had an operation which we had planned. It was to try and sort out the abscess I had which kept reoccurring. So that was three weeks ago now, I am feeling a lot better, but still having to make sure I keep my wound clean etc.
We had to sort out the abscess because they want to start me on a different medication (Which I think I mentioned on here ages ago), it would be dangerous for me to start this medication if I had reoccurring infections. So now I'm basically waiting for them to say the surgery has been successful so I can start this different medication. Then I'm hoping that will put me in remission and I will be healthy for a long time! :)

With this illness you never know what its going to throw at you. I'm still on the steroids but the reductions are going well. Steroids are pretty amazing really. They work very well, I'm basically symptom free and have a lot more energy. (I'm even going to join the gym!?!) Unfortunately though it means my face has ballooned! Don't ya just love side effects!! 

Meanwhile, I'm looking for a job again! Lets hope I can turn things around a bit in 2013! :)

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