Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Blog Title

My blog title is something that I have known for a long time. And its something that helps to get me through. When you have been so unwell, at a real low point, like I was before I got diagnosed, you don't realise how bad things are/were untill you feel good again. And the good feeling, with all that negativity just behind, makes the good times even more amazing. They wouldn't be that good if I hadn't been so low.

'You wouldn't know joy if you didn't have pain' is a lyric from the song 'How could I complain?' By Pete Lawrie. I discovered him first when my friend had a spare ticket to go and see The Feeling. I went along with her, not all that bothered about going but came home so pleased I did! Pete was the supporting act and while he was on stage, I felt inspired by his voice and his songs and his lyrics. We went down to meet him afterwards and buy a CD and I felt really shy and couldn't really say much other then hello and I would like a CD and my name.

When I got home and started listening to his music more I started to feel so connected by some of his lyrics. To hear someone else say 'You wouldn't know joy if you didnt have pain' gave me the perfect words for what I had been feeling all this time, and a little bit more light came into my world, which is fitting as his album is called 'A Little Brighter'. We are so good at being negative about what we have in life, we forget about the good things. That is what this song is saying.

Another one of Pete's songs which really reaches out to me is 'Fell Into The River'. Sometimes I feel as though I am the girl who says 'Life is lost and can't be found' and that Pete is singing just to me. 'Oh my word, its absurd that you wont let the bad times go' It is important not to let the bad times consume you. You have to move on and look for a more positive way to lead your life. But it is important not to forget them, as they change you and define you. Songs aren't just about the words and music. They are about how they make you feel. Whether they make you dance or sing, or make you feel alive. The song is quite upbeat and its like he is trying to show her what is good in life

'If you fell into the river, I could help you get back up' I really want to find that special person who understands me, and will help to pick me up when I fall down.

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